Testing and quality Assurance

image Testometric Universal Testing machine
image Purpose built 4-point bending rig for testing GRC coupons
image Broken test piece showing fibre pull out
image Reprint of article on GRC testing from "CONCRETE"

CEMCOTEC can offer manufacturers or specifiers mechanical property testing of GRC [GFRC] to EN 1170 Part 5 for LOP (Limits of Proportionality), MOR ( Modulus of Rupture), Strain to Failure, Youngs Modulus and I5/I10 impact indicators.  The data can be used for confirmation of Grade 8->18 GRC by the manufacturer or their clients.

Full quality control advice can also be given including assistance in setting up quality assurance systems.

This information can be used in any application for the GRCA's Approved Manufactures Scheme