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Uphill Court, Bati Atasehir, Istanbul

GRC manufactured by Betofiber Yapi Elemenlari Sanayi vr Ticaret A.S

imageShowing twin-towers centre peice of project
imageTwin Towers only
image Hand laid Premix window surround
imageWindow surrounds on building
imageFront Entrance with GRC elements
imageRoof shot showing cornices & window surrounds

Uphill Court consists of 20 high rise buildings comprising 1742 flats with a total construction area of 408,000sq. m. plus 7,000sq. m. of green areas and parking for 3,500 vehicles.  The site work was started in May 2005 and completed, except for the final, central showpiece twin towers, in only 3 years 4 months. The main contractor, Teknik Yapi formed a subsidiary company, Betofiber Yapi, with technical and GRC manufacturing know-how help from CEMCOTEC for the production of the GRC elements on this project.

The GRC panels were manufactured and erected in only 16 months and consisted of 11,945 window surrounds each approx 4sq.m. of GRC [Total 47,251sq. m.] plus 15,898 decorative elements [19,348sq.m.] making a total of 66, 599sq. m. [1746 tonnes] of GRC.  Initially, production started via premix but, for speed and strength requirements, most were produced via multiple sets of simultaneous chopping spraying equipment.

The project is a shining example of how to use GRC with traditional construction to enhance a building appearance.